Install SystemML


Apache Spark 2.x

Set SPARK_HOME to a location where Spark 2.x has installed.


      # Install SystemML
      pip install systemml
Download and extract SystemML jar (systemml-0.14.0-incubating-SNAPSHOT.jar) file from systemml-0.14.0-incubating-bin.tgz or systemml-0.14.0-incubating-bin.tgz file located on
# Install latest SystemML
pip install
Download SystemML jar (systemml-1.0.0-incubating-SNAPSHOT.jar) from

3Configure Jupyter Notebook (Optional)

# Start Jupyter Notebook Server
PYSPARK_DRIVER_PYTHON=jupyter PYSPARK_DRIVER_PYTHON_OPTS="notebook" pyspark --master local[*] --conf "spark.driver.memory=12g" --conf spark.driver.maxResultSize=0 --conf spark.akka.frameSize=128 --conf spark.default.parallelism=100

Toree Kernel Setup (Required for Scala Kernel)

Toree installation

# For detail instructions visit
pip install

Installation of Toree component in Jupyter

# For detail instructions visit
jupyter toree install —-replace —-interpreters=Scala,PySpark --spark_opts="--master=local --jars <SystemML JAR File>” --spark_home=${SPARK_HOME}

Start Jupyter Notebook Server

jupyter notebook

This will start a default browser with contents from current directory where above command has run. You can create your own notebook example or download sample notebooks from SystemML resository

Start Jupyter Notebook Server
Start Jupyter Notebook Server

4Run SystemML in batch mode

Download systemml-0.14.0-incubating-bin.tgz or systemml-0.14.0-incubating-bin.tgz file located on and extract into a directory say SYSTEMML_HOME Once you extract zip.tgz file you will have files required to run steps outlined in instructions link:

View Sample Notebooks